Monday, October 27, 2008

Wake up Caucasian Americans

Wake up Caucasian Americans the man Obama, the one you are about to vote into office is just an African American with the same sentiments about white people that his good ole Reverend Wright has with his Black Theology. He just wants to help the black people in America, that’s why he is planning to have wealth distribution, and have the Government to take care of your health insurance. He is leading the white people that are so unknowingly being lead to the death of their Country as they know it, it’s going to be like that commercial that the host have their visitors to sit on the couch and they stand behind the visitors and shake them up and down to get their money to come out of their pockets and fall into the couch without knowing. You are all being stupid with no way out once you find out you have just made the biggest mistake in your life. The thing I would like you to know is that the vote is not over, you can still change your mind and take off the rose colored glass’ that Obama has slide over your eye’s while they were closed. It is no way Obama can do the wealth distribution and do all the other things he wants to do without raising more than the 5% of Americans taxes. Where do you think that money is going to come from, it is going to come from the next people down the totem pole and that will be middle class Americans not the ones getting that welfare check from Obama’s so called wealth distribution? The money is going to come from capital gains tax, death tax, married couple tax, and Fuel taxes. With all of us using less fuel they will have to raise the taxes on fuel because the roads will start going down, and bridge will start falling. Who pays the most fuel tax the middle class not only for the amount of fuel that we consume but for the amount the trucks use that brought the televisions we buy, clothes we wear, food we eat. One other thing is when has 90% to 95% of black people got together, other than to stick it to the white man, wink wink?


Betsy said...

Fuckin racist moron stop spamming!

Scarlett said...

You're a fat n00b who should get out of this American bubble you live in for once, and check out the rest of the world.

But then again, you probably can't even see your feet, let alone the big picture.

Theo said...

"political opinion and news"? Is that what you believe this is? My goodness, judging by your size you can't even take care of yourself very well, and now you think you know what's good for America by judging someone's skin color?

You give the phrase "dumb Americans" true meaning. Keep it up!

(Question: what's the highest form of education you've had? Did they even teach you how to write your own language? Ever heard of characters you can place in between all those letters to actually make a text readable?)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! This is the funniest thing I've read all day!

Don't you think someone with your imminent health problems should be all ABOUT free healthcare? Judging by how you look you have some serious diabetes/cancer/cardiac diseases waiting for you.

Oh, and I didn't know that with severe obesity came loss of punctuation. Thanks for making me aware of that.

Anonymous said...

Jaap & Nienke zeggen: fabeltasties